By: Elizabeth Brennan, Work and Travel Manager

Were you ever told as a child that if you dug a deep enough hole, you’d eventually reach China? Like many children, I was skeptical of this possibility. However, being skeptical has never been enough to satisfy my curiosity. So what did I do? I put together a team. Two dogs, a pair of work gloves, a shovel, and a soft spot in the dirt was enough to get me started. I made it to a good three to four feet in my first shift; deep enough for me to duck down into and lose my line of sight with America. In my mind, one could not deny that I had made some progress.


The next morning, I arrived to my site of activity, only to find that my hole had become a trench. It was littered with tennis balls, a few old soup bones, and two dirty, happy dogs. My hole to China had become a new haven for all things buried. To be honest, I wasn’t that disappointed. My arms were sore and I really wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. So quickly do children’s priorities change. I concluded that my efforts were over-ambitious and decided that China would have to wait.

Had I actually reached China all those years back, be it by plane, boat, or ‘hole in the back yard’, I’m not sure I would have known what to do once I got there. After years of studying global societies, travelling the world, and planning future adventures, I’ve come to answer that question for myself. The reason I travel is to improve my cultural understanding of a place through some level of immersion. In other words, try unfamiliar foods, interact with locals, and always say “YES” to something new.

As a stakeholder in the Work and Travel Program, I have excelled on a personal and professional level through my travel experiences. Employers who work with CCI Greenheart and have traveled on international Job Fairs often share this sentiment. They have increased harmonization amongst their staff by sharing feedback on their experiences, and have become leaders in their seasonal communities, as advocates for cultural exchange.

CCI Greenheart is happy to announce that it’s Summer 2013 Job Fair schedule is now posted online. CCI Greenheart will be travelling to many exciting destinations this season to interview qualified Work and Travel participants, and learn a little something about their cultures. Upcoming fairs include Turkey, Jordan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, and CHINA!


Please contact your CCI Greenheart representative today to learn more our Job Fairs and find out how you can join us on one of our adventures.

Cheers or as they say in Mandarin – Gān bēi!