By: Katy Smithy, Work and Travel Business Development Specialist

I don’t think that I have ever had more fun at an amusement park than I did during our Going Greenheart Tour this summer in Minnesota.  My colleague Marcelle and I had an opportunity join our participants at one of the many employee events at Valley Fair.  It was an after business hours affair that started at 10:30PM (way past our bedtime) where their employees were able to eat pizza, sing karaoke, and ride roller coasters. We had a blast learning more about our participants’ experiences working at the amusement park, and we even rode one ride with them… three times. Below you will find a few pictures from our trip.  Don’t make fun of us… that ride was terrifying.

We also had the pleasure of visiting a few of our participants working at a lakeside restaurant in Minnesota. We were able to meet our participants in action! One of our Jamaican participants was manning the grill that afternoon and made our meals.  It was delicious! I have to say my favorite part was seeing their Tuesday special. Check it out in the pictures below.  What a wonderful cultural experience not only for our participant, but the staff and community.