By: Olga Mikulska, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Olga Mikulska is a Work and Travel participant from Poland, working at Obos Enterprises LLC in Beaver Creek, CO. In her first blog post, she shares how a typical day in Beaver Creek is spent.

Before my journey to the USA began, I was anxious about so many things. I was worried that I would not be able to handle my job, that I would not be able to overcome the language barrier, that I would feel alienated, or that I would miss my home country. Now I know that my worries were groundless!

I fell in love with Colorado the first day I arrived. The people here amaze me. You will not find a more gregarious, open, helpful and positive nation in the whole world. I’ve heard this opinion a thousand times before I came here, but I was quite skeptical and I thought that it was slightly far-fetched. I couldn’t be more wrong!

The people here are always smiling, ready to give you a helping hand, and making the most of life by appreciating what they have. I hope that it will be a great lesson for me and I’ll be able to retain some of their positive energy and willingness to enjoy whatever life gives us.

It has been exactly one month since I came to Beaver Creek. I’d like to show you a typical day in my American life!

I always try to start with a nutritious breakfast. Even in the morning I can’t help but show how much I love this state. Believe me, Colorado is gorgeous! Colorado during the summertime is awe-inspiring and takes everybody’s breath away. I’m lucky that I usually get evening shifts at work so I can go hiking in the morning. I can’t help but smile and enjoy the scenery every day. I get exhausted walking at such high elevations (9,000 to 11,000 feet), but it is totally worth it!

At 1:30 PM, I have to come back down to Earth and start working. But it isn’t really hard work if your workplace is a store with clothes and toys for children. We have a lot of fun here! But more about work in the next post. During my break, I enjoy eating lunch with my friend outside because the scenery is breathtaking. We have some fun in front of the ice rink in the central Beaver Creek Village. My favorite tradition happens at 3 PM every day: complimentary chocolate chip cookies! I have a sweet tooth so whenever I’m at work; I make sure I don’t miss “the cookie guy.” My co-worker Linda is very fond of the tradition, too!


In the evening, there is time for delicious American food like hamburgers! Anyone who doesn’t think American cuisine is tasty needs to try it! I promise they will fall in love. I get home using the free shuttle. When I get home, there is time for chatting and fun with my flat mates and we call it a day!



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