By: Lisa Dieckman, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Marketing and Outreach Intern

Have you ever wondered what exactly a J-1 visa is? How is CCI Greenheart connected to your visa? What are you allowed to do with a J-1 visa? This blog has answers to all those questions and more!

J-1 visas are issued by the Department of State for individuals who are interested in traveling to the United States as part of a cultural exchange program. This means participants are expected to engage with U.S. culture and share their own culture while they are in the country. Once they return home, they must also share with their friends and family what they learned in the United States. The Summer Work Travel program, which is part of the J-1 visa program, brings currently enrolled university students to the United States to work and travel during their academic breaks.

Participants in the Summer Work Travel branch of the J-1 visa program must be currently enrolled in a university or college and travel to the U.S. during their academic break. All participants interested in this program must first be accepted by a sending agency in their home country and later a sponsor in the United States. CCI Greenheart is a visa sponsor and is responsible for ensuring participants adhere to J-1 visa policies and regulations. Participants check in regularly with CCI Greenheart during their time in the United States while they are working and living in their host communities.

The Summer Work Travel program places participants in seasonal and temporary jobs, such as working as a lifeguard or as an attendant at an amusement park. Cultural exchange is a key component of the program so participants engage in cultural activities, such as learning how to say hello in a new language or attending a sporting event! Many participants also travel around their host community and the U.S. before returning home.

Are you ready to participate in the Summer Work Travel program and spend your summer working and traveling in the United States? For more information, contact CCI Greenheart!