By Abbie Ray, Work and Travel Administrative Assistant

As Easter approaches tomorrow, many Americans will be getting their hands dirty as they dip their hard boiled Easter eggs in brightly colored dye. While it is common for Americans to use dye to decorate eggs, many cultures are also famous for their hand painted decorated eggs tradition.

Decorating eggs is a long standing and globally recognized tradition. From ancient South African ruins, dating back some 60,000 years ago, the tradition originated in pagan times and has become a staple in celebrating the Christian Easter holiday today. In Slavic cultures, eggs are a symbol of new life and they are well-known for their elegant designs and patterns. Pysanky is a term used for Ukrainian eggs (pictured), which are decorated using a wax-resistant method to keep the eggs brightly colored.

CCI Greenheart wishes you a fun filled Easter holiday. Enjoy the egg hunts and embrace your creativity by trying to paint an egg!