Although we all come from different parts of the world, it’s our common goal that unites us together - striving for equal opportunities.

By: Adela Stefana, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Summer 2016 Ambassador Scholar

How many times have you heard of the phrase ‘Equality for all?’ Probably pretty often because most of us strive for it, but how many times have you really thought of it in depth? I have been thinking about it a lot during my experience at the Greenheart Global Leaders Conference as we analyze our impact on the world. Equality is the state of being equal with one other. But are we equal at all? I dare to say we aren’t.

The very moment of our birth there are already parameters in place. These parameters are mostly predefined and have control over the rest of our lives whether we like it or not; our family, race, geographical point, and sex are all predefined things that shape us into unique combinations.

Achieving financial stability is of utmost importance nowadays in order to succeed. However, expensive education and high cost of living make it harder. It’s a pity how much talent is undiscovered due to financial troubles that keep people from pursuing their dreams. Discrimination still exists and much more than it should in the modern world. We live in a society that still differentiates people not on their merit, but on racial and gender bias. Abilities and personal qualities should be more important, but that’s often not the case. Everyone should be able to afford to live, have access to education, and live a good quality life.

But there is still hope. There’s one category of parameters that we can definitely control. It’s in our hands to be ambitious, want a better life, study hard, and want to make a difference. We’re all different, and being different means being unequal to a certain extent, but if we would all use our given talents for the sake of the greater good, progress would be achieved quicker.

Although we all come from different parts of the world, it’s our common goal that unites us together- striving for equal opportunities. In our own way, we all do that in our home communities little by little through the people we help that haven’t had the same opportunities as us. It’s exciting to know that we even out the unbalance with the time we dedicate to the cause.

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