Lijuan (far right) with her coworkers and roommates in Wisconsin.

Meet Lijuan Zheng from China, who goes by “Jane” in the States. Jane is a J1 Work and Travel student and Greenheart Club member living and working at the High Point Inn in Door County, Wisconsin.  She first got involved in the Greenheart Club a couple weeks ago when we went to Door County for the Going Greenheart Tour. Jane comes from Shanghai, China which is a large bustling metropolis so moving to rural  Ephraim, WI was a big adjustment.  Being near Wisconsin farms in fall has been an exciting change for her. Below Jane shares a reflection about the fall harvest in Wisconsin. 

By Lijuan Zheng

Apples, Peaches, Watermelons…Come on! 

If you live in the city, then it’s really hard for you to see many fruits grow in the garden. Of course, even if you live in the country it’s still rare for you to see many fruits planted together. But I did this morning. How could I do it? Ah ha! You are right! I get up early and go to the farm.

Fall is the season for harvest. Leaves begin to change the colour. If you work hard on the farm, now it’s the time to see your achievements. Of course you can have many goods for the Thanksgiving Day.

You must have eaten apples before, but have you seen the apples trees before? And have you seen thousands red apples on the same tree?

In my past years, usually I will eat plums and peaches in the summer (I can buy them from the market whenever). Due to the cold weather here, I have had the chance to pick and eat them in the same morning. It’s really amazing.

You can see pumpkins everywhere in the fall, but do you have a chance to pick such big and beautiful pumpkins?

Want to eat fresh fruits? Come on, let’s go to the farm.