By: Eva Pacheco, Ace Hotel and Swim Club. Work and Travel Employer

Eva Pacheco

Eva Pacheco

Eva Pacheco is an employer from a seasonal community with CCI Greenheart’s Work and Travel program. Having cooperated with CCI Greenheart for several years on her international hiring, Eva was able to travel to Thailand to hire her Spring 2014 participants. Follow Eva on her Employer Journey as she reflects on her time in Thailand. You can read her previous blogs posts here.

Phew, what a whirl! After about 5 hours of a professional experience that I shared in my last post, the Job Fair in Thailand was over and all the students that were placed had been extended offers. Now that I am back home, I have had a chance to reflect on my Job Fair travels.

Although I had success with virtual job fairs in the past, my time in Thailand was far more rewarding. I was able to really see the participants’ personalities and spend some quality time interviewing the applicants.  Best of all, I was able to get a sense of what they experience coming to the United States for the first time.  So many things are on a learning curve that we, employers just take for granted: how to use public transportation, how to understand the exchange rate to determine value, how to use the currency, where to shop for every-day necessities, and even how to use the Thai toilet!

As I was reflecting on my experience in Thailand, I received the following email from two of the students that I extended offers to:

PicsArt_1383128244149_edit_1 (1) “Thank you for giving us a good opportunity and keeping us together. We promise that we won’t let you down. We are so excited and look forward to working at ACE HOTEL & SWIM CLUB!

See you next year and take care,

Fern and Praew”


I thought this was the perfect end to an amazing experience. Thank you to the sending agency and to my CCI Greenheart representatives for everything.

I know this spring season will be wonderful and I look forward to seeing my international participants arrive in March!