By: Qinyan Guo (Carly), Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

Qinyan Guo (known as Carly) is from Changchun, China. This was her second year on the Work and Travel program, and this year she was placed in Williston, North Dakota. Learn how much fun being an Ambassador Scholar was  for Carly as she travels throughout the United States.

September 15th was my last day of working in the Summer Work Travel program in Williston, North Dakota. Now, I have officially started my travel period. I decided not go to New York City or Los Angeles, but instead I chose some quiet places to go. First, I traveled to Denver with my friends.

On the way to Denver, my friends and I stopped in Mount Rushmore. The first time I heard of Mount Rushmore was in a book back in school in China. I couldn’t believe I was able to see it for myself!

My friend explained the beauty of the four presidents in the mountains. She said that they are looking far away, and even though they have already left, their spirit continues to still guard the country. I was shocked at how beautiful Mount Rushmore was. One can’t just experience it from a picture; it needs to be seen in person to understand its beauty.

Mount Rushmore also has a flag of every state within the United States of America. Look, I found North Dakota! 

North Dakota!

North Dakota!

Then, I went to Kentucky to visit my friend Kelsey. She was my oral English teacher back in China. Her hometown is a really quiet and peaceful place; I really enjoyed staying there with her family.

While there, we visited her friend’s farm. There was a mother cow! I got to touch her. This was the first time I have ever touched a cow.

While I was with Kelsey’s family, we went to visit some local stores. There was a whole bunch of stuff, and most of the items had more than 70 years of history. Kelsey’s father helped me to understand what a lot of the items were. Trust me, the easiest way to learn America culture is stay with an American family! I even found some old things from China. So I guess the friendship between America and China started a really long time ago!

Currently, I am in Seattle! Almost all Chinese people know this place. The movie “Sleepless in Seattle” and the Korean film “Late Autumn” make Seattle really popular in China! While there, I fed a bird with French fries. One of my friends said “Finally, I know why American birds are bigger than the birds in China – because they eat French fries!” haha.

I also went to the first Starbucks! The very first one! 

The first Starbucks!

The first Starbucks!

I am still on my way exploring America! Would you like to join me?