By CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Staff

In February, CCI Greenheart staff member, Joe Burns, traveled to Colorado to visit participants working in some of the country’s most famous ski areas.

During a visit to Silverthorne, Joe had the opportunity to sit down with participants and their employer to discuss cultural differences and the impact of the Work and Travel Program. One participant mentioned that he is very close with his family and has never been out on his own until now. It was a challenge for him to adjust to life in America, especially in the beginning, but having the opportunity to learn how to live independently has helped him to prepare for life after college.

Participants had a good laugh when one of them mentioned that rice takes too long to cook in Colorado, due to the altitude, so instead she regularly picks up pizza for dinner on the way home. When asked what participants missed most about home, their families and the food were among some of the common answers. Two of the participants came together on the program as friends and said that they miss playing in their rock band back home in Paraguay. They shared some recordings of their music, which was really quite good!

Overall, Joe’s visit to Silverthorne was one of the highlights of his travels this winter. This is what the employer had to say:

“I wish I could clone them and keep them here forever. They are working hard to learn English, to experience culture, and have really been a great contribution to our team. These kids are so motivating to me!” – Kelsey Lyons, Owner-Operator of Which Wich in Silverthorne, CO