By: Work and Travel Program Serbian partner, Karavan Travel

In their sixth post and video, Serbian partner, Karavan Travel, provides more useful tips for the participants when settling in the United States with CCI Greenheart

And in any new place, far away from family and friends, can be difficult at times. New language and jet lag, make it harder to adapt; Not to mention the culture shock. Even through these challenges – new people, new places seen only in the movies, leave a great impression and promise so much more, in the summer days to come.

Independence. A job. Possibility to save up some money and spend it with some friends from home, and some friends from the States… who could even ask for more?

However – before the everyday routine starts, some things need to be sorted out. Printing the I-94 form, validating SEVIS, apply for Social Security, open a bank account, and don’t forget calling the parents so they would worry… of course the first item on every participant’s checklist upon arrival to USA.

When it comes to SEVIS, it feels like it’s all just a little bit of history repeating. Taking into consideration how important it is, a little repetition doesn’t hurt. Participants need to validate their SEVIS, and check in on regular basis. The CCI Online interface keeps things real simple and easy. And if there is every follow up required, participants can always reach CCI staff via the CCI Online interface, email or a free phone call.

Social Security

When applying for Social Security Number, as with many other matters while in United States participants can always turn to the Resources tab in their applications and find instructions.

The job

While on the job, participants should be on time, work hard and represent their country in the best possible way. This is cultural exchange, after all. We do not have to remind our participants to open their eyes and do their best to immerse themselves in the USA way of life – they are already doing it.


Should any challenging situations arise, or if participants encounter difficulties, they know they can always contact CCI Greenheart and ask for their assistance. We at Karavan are at their disposal, if needed. Naturally, CCI Greenheart as a Department of State designated Sponsor takes care of the welfare of our participants while in the USA, so the participants know that CCI Greenheart is the first point of contact to turn to.

After the initial paperwork is done, participants have moved into their housing and things have settled down, what is left is a job that leaves just enough time to have fun afterwards, and explore… the food, the places, the music, just name it! Check our video to see how some of our participants are enjoying themselves in the USA so far!