By: Marcelle Benedicta, Business Development Director

In early August, CCI Greenheart staff members, Joe Burns and I, Marcelle Benedicta, visited a grocery store in the Outer Banks that hosts J-1 Summer Work Travel participants as a part of the Going Greenheart Tour. We collaborated with the employer to hold a food drive to benefit a local food pantry called the Beach Food Pantry. Setting up a collection booth outside the grocery store was a great idea, as we were able to ask the customers walking in to the store to pick up an extra can of soup or a box of cereal for the food pantry, and they were more than happy to do this. After a few hours, we collected roughly 300 lbs of food! The participants had the opportunity to learn what a food drive is all about, as well as the small and easy things they can do to benefit the community. It was a great day in the Outer Banks!