By: Xiaofei Fang, Work and Travel Summer 2016 participant

My name is Xiaofei Fang and I am a participant in the Summer Work Travel program! I recently visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and had an amazing experience!

Crowds of people lined up under the burning sun to wait for the museum to open, which both surprised and moved me! I am new to rock and roll, but I was excited to introduce myself to a new type of music! With the spirit and enthusiasm of the crowd, I started my rocking journey through the music world!

It was clear that the fans were devoted to this place and have appreciated the music for some time! I could see the joy sparkling from their eyes and the beautiful smiles that bloomed from the bottom of their hearts. As I explored the exhibits, I felt goosebumps all over my arms!  I experienced the emotions of every exhibit and saw the characters hiding behind every costume. Each exhibit told me a story about the origins, developments, and peaks of rock and roll!

I loved visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – I felt freedom, attitude, love, and soul! Long live rock and roll!

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