By Marcelle Benedicta, Business Development Director

There’s no more snow on the ground and flowers are blooming. Employers are opening up shop and bracing for a busy season. Some J-1 participants have just arrived and some are still making their way to the United States. CCI Greenheart’s phone is ringing off the hook and staff members are assisting participants with SEVIS program validations. There could only be one explanation … summer is finally here!

To start off the season, CCI Greenheart visited their summer J-1 participants and employers during a recent trip to the Cape Cod. Stretching from Provincetown in the Northeast to Woods Hole in the southwest, Cape Cod is a popular U.S. summer destination due to its historic character and ample beaches. Its summer population swells up to 2.5 times its year-round population, making it a great seasonal place for the international students who spend their summer break participating in the Work and Travel program.

Cheers to a successful summer 2014 season!