By: Mike Nemeth & Marcelle Benedicta

Severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings in Chicago didn’t deter CCI staff from marching to the airport last week…do you know why? Because CCI’s Work & Travel department and the Greenheart Club have planned a series of Going Greenheart Tour events (,  which commenced on Thursday, June 23, 2011 with a beach clean-up activity in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.

Erin, Marcelle, and Serena were praying for sunny weather in their destination, and indeed, the sun came out shining bright on the day of the event! It was a gorgeous day to be at the beach, and an even better one because CCI and J-1 participants visiting the US on the Summer Work & Travel program, joined forces to make a positive impact in the Virginia Beach community where the international students are working this summer.


The beach clean-up took place immediately after the student orientation, which was organized by the Virginia Beach International Student Outreach Program []. The GGHT participants picked up trash on the 15th Street beach. We must say that the area is in a good shape already, and the city’s Public Works is to be commended for their tireless effort.

As a thank you for participating, the GGHT participants received a CCI t-shirt, a Greenheart Club certificate, and a movie pass. The Greenheart’s Garbage Gala, which was a contest to find the biggest, grossest, and most interesting pieces of trash, concluded the event. Contest winners received Greenheart SIGG water bottles, a special certificate, and had their findings immortalized forever! See the pictures here: Virginia Beach Photos.

CCI sincerely thanks the support of the following individuals and organizations who have contributed their time to make the event successful:

  • Nancy Marscheider & Deborah Buringa, Virginia Beach International Student Outreach Program and Virginia Beach Hotel-Motel Association
  • Laura Wood Habr, Virginia Beach Green Team and owner of Croc’s Restaurant
  • Aimee Taylor, Virginia Beach Restaurant Association
  • Holly Coriell, The Cavalier Hotel

Cheers to a clean beach and a fantastic summer!  For details on more volunteer opportunities in your area, contact or visit our website