By: Elizabeth Brennan, Work and Travel Business Development Manager

CCI Greenheart staff and J-1 Work & Travel students participated in a Greenheart Project in Put-in-Bay along with local organizations, Put-in-Bay Employee Cares and the Black Swamp Conservancy. The project drew about 35 people total to the Jane Coastes Wildflower Trail including several CCI Greenheart J-1 Work & Travel participants from Bulgaria and Mexico.

Group photo w bagged garlic mustard

This was a great opportunity to give back to the Put-in-Bay community while volunteering alongside Americans. The Jane Coastes Wildflower Trail is home to a variety of wildflowers as well as migratory songbirds. The area is now threatened by garlic mustard, an invasive species that is taking over the forest. As part of the Greenheart Project, CCI Greenheart staff and students learned how to identify the plant and remove it. After a few hours of volunteering, over 50 bags of mustard garlic had been removed. Afterward, all of the volunteers gathered at the The Goat Soup and Whiskey Tavern for a barbeque to celebrate the project’s success!