By: Ariana Puentes, Employer Services Coordinator

On July 23rd,  my colleague Wioletta and I ventured off on our Going Greenheart Tour to the Dakotas. First stop – Medora, N.D. – located in the southwest part of the state. Medora is a true western town most famous for being home to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and, of course, the Medora Musical (widely popular across North Dakota).

Our first night in Medora, Wioletta and I had the pleasure of attending not only the Medora Musical, but International Night at the town’s Chuckwagon Buffet. International night is an annual summer event that allows all the international students living and working in Medora to showcase their own culture to the community through food and cultural performances.

The support from the community was amazing! People stood in a line stretched a block long, waiting to enjoy food and music from places such as the Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan, and Poland.

Being one of the few visa sponsors to experience International Night, Wioletta and I felt very lucky to have arrived in Medora when we did!

On day two in Medora, we did a volunteer project with the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Six participants (four from China and two from Macedonia) and two representatives from one of our host organizations, AmericInn, helped sand and paint a dozen picnic tables. It was a joy to see everyone come together and work hard despite the heat that day. Even a representative from a local newspaper stopped by to see what we were up to and what CCI Greenheart is all about.

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