By: Luis Federico, Work and Travel Program Assistant


Welcome to the Launch Party!

One of the reasons I was excited to join the CCI Greenheart team was for everything that it stands for. In addition to providing amazing service to those wanting to travel and experience cultural immersion in a different country than their own, it also is involved in many projects to help the community. Last Friday we were all able to experience a celebration of the extra work that Greenheart does for the community and the environment at the Greenheart International Launch party.

I'm on the far right, with two of my co-workers

I’m on the far right, with two of my co-workers

The Launch party was held for two main reasons: to launch CCI’s new name, Greenheart International, and to raise money for the Environmental Service Learning Scholarship program in Costa Rica, which provides an outlet for underprivileged Chicago teens with the desire to travel. It was a success! A lot of money was raised for the scholarship and the turnout was great! The Greenheart team was able to enjoy Flamenco performances, lively music, dancing, delicious food, good company, and much more!

The Launch Party was a great way to show the Chicago community that at the core of Greenheart International‘s mission is promoting cultural understanding and academic development, including those who cannot always experience it by their own means.


The Flamenco Dancers

In addition, for me it was a great way to unwind and socialize with coworkers outside the work environment, and be a part of the greater mission of Greenheart. I enjoyed the Flamenco performance, the music, and the food! Having just experienced a Chicago Symphony performance the night before, which also celebrated Flamenco singing and Spanish composition, the Greenheart dance performance was an excellent way to tie it all together. It was definitely a night to remember for all who attended!