By: Haldis Toppen, Work and Travel Director of Employer Relations and Outreach

Early in April, my colleague, Renee Clarke and I traveled to the Waterpark capital of the world to meet with host organizations and educate community members on the Summer Work Travel program. We even got the chance to visit some of our spring 2017 participants, which was the best part!

The spring program is comprised of two countries, the Philippines and Ecuador. This is in stark contrast to our summer season where there are thousands of participants from tens of countries from all over the world! However, these spring participants really know how to have fun!

Over 300 participants ventured to the local ice rink in the Wisconsin Dells and tried their feet at ice skating! With this impressive turnout, there was eventually a shortage of size small ice skates. Luckily, the few Americans that were there were gracious enough to let the participants use their skates. They must have known that these participants don’t usually get to ice skate!

For many of these participants, their first experience with snow and ice was upon their arrival in the United States. You would think that they would be afraid to get on the ice, but that rarely happened. As someone who is familiar with snow and ice (there is quite a bit of that during the winter), I was impressed at their ability to start moving quickly – I am known as someone who regularly trips over her own feet though!

This visit was a great opportunity to connect with our participants and see them try something that was completely new to them. Cheers to these small feet with big (green)hearts!

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