By: Jieru (Jasmine) Yang, Work and Travel participant from China

Hello America!!

My name is Jieru Yang, but Jasmine is my English name.  I came to Los Angeles from China on June 10th and stayed there for 3 days. Then I flew to Minot and then went to Williston, North Dakota by train. It was quite a start to my adventure in the U.S.A.!


My first American Starbucks.


The beautiful skies of Williston, North Dakota

Now I live in Williston. It is a small town and as a result, I always try to find new and interesting things to do. While my friends had told me there was “nothing here,” I have found that everything is new and curious for me. I like it here: the blue sky, the fresh air, the gentle quiet, the friendly people, and my job. I work at McDonalds. It’s fast and interesting. I like the busy life, so this is perfect for me.

For me, the Work & Travel program is a very special and rare opportunity. Thank you very much to CCI Greenheart. I will enjoy my America tour this summer!


Some of my Jordanian friends and I!


Thank you CCI Greenheart for my American travels!