By: Sushania Pryce, Summer Work Travel Participant and Greenheart Club Grant Recipient

Sushania (left)

Sushania (left)

The name of my Greenheart grant project was ‘Help A Child In Need’. It was aimed at providing Christmas treat for the critically ill children at the Bustamante Hospital for Children in Kingston, Jamaica. I donated all the funds I was awarded from CCI’s Greenheart program to the Angels of Love Jamaica charity organization. I was then able to assist them in hosting a children’s treat at Hope Gardens for these children. With sponsors on board who donated food; fellow Greenheart members were also able to give each little angel a gift. All members of the charity, myself included, engaged in several activities with these children providing them with entertainment ranging from singing Christmas carols and playing games. We bought balls, jump ropes and books and had an amazing time playing games.

We were also fortunate enough to take these children to see the various animals at the Hope Zoo that was located next door. Many of them were excited to see the different animals, while a few were a bit fearful. Overall, it was truly an amazing day that I know each child enjoyed. The parents of these wonderful children were all present, where they too joined in the activities. The children had a great time flying kites but were interrupted by the rain. This didn’t dampen the mood for these little angels, as it was time to eat anyway. It was at this time that we decided to entertain our little angels by singing Christmas carols for them. Each little angel and their parent(s) had a meal after which they were awarded with a gift. The parents were also given a stipend to aid them in travelling home, as some of them travelled long distances to be at the treat.

I left Hope Gardens feeling really satisfied, accomplished and happy knowing that I was able to put a smile on a child’s face that has been battling with cancer. It was truly an exuberant day that I would repeat in a heartbeat.  Thanks to CCI’s Greenheart program, I was able to accomplish something that I not only enjoy doing, but also bringing warmth to these strong little angels hearts that everything will be just fine. In deed on that day I did help a child in need feel special and loved despite their illness.