By: Shawna Pye, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Employer Relations Manager

In early January, CCI Greenheart staff member Ariana Puentes and I traveled to Bangkok for a Job Fair with our partner agency, Click. The excitement was high as hundreds of anxious participants met with our team alongside three potential host organizations to interview for 2017 summer jobs.

The participants were very prepared and professional. At the end of the day, nearly 150 participants were offered a job and were well on their way to a great experience in the United States working for quality host organizations during their summer break!

The next day, the participants, Click, Greenheart staff, and host organizations gathered together to assist the native Mangrove Forest population. All attending got down and dirty as they were knee-high in mud planting trees. We had an opportunity to wash off by dipping in the nearby waters and digging for cockle shells and other local shellfish. We explored the waters a little further and checked out a huge oyster farm. After a real shower, all attending visited the Amphawa Floating Market to find a feast of food, gifts, and other Thai offerings.

The favorite meal of the trip for all seemed to be the traditional Pad Thai noodle dish. Nothing better than experiencing it in Thailand! Another highlight was the foot, leg, and full body Thai massages that were both affordable and amazing! Overall, it was an extremely memorable experience that I will never forget. I hope to return to Thailand someday soon!

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