By: Lindsey Pawlowski, Work and Travel Intern

IMG_4269CCI Greenheart’s Vice President, Daniel Ebert, recently shared a remarkable experience with new CCI Greenheart Work and Travel participants. Last month, Daniel visited Belgrade, Serbia to conduct interviews at an international Job Fair, and as a result, was able to place many qualified participants at American employers for their adventures on the Summer 2014 Work and Travel program!

In addition to hiring participants, Daniel was able to conduct another international Greenheart Project, in cooperation with one of CCI Greenheart’s Serbian partners and some of the newly hired participants. During this Greenheart Project, the team volunteered at NURDOR. NURDOR is an association dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer and their families. Formed by parents and families of children diagnosed with and undergoing therapy for cancer, NURDOR provides support to others in similar situations through legal assistance, information about treatment, and emotional and social support during difficult times.

IMG_3434NURDOR develops projects for these children and families, such as uplifting camps for children in rehabilitation and workshops for families and children to receive the best possible treatment. Another significant and ongoing project of NURDOR is obtaining housing for families of children undergoing cancer treatment. When these families from outside the city travel to Belgrade for treatment, they often have nowhere to stay in the city. NURDOR wanted to ensure these children have the familial support they need while in treatment, so with the help of many donors, they have refurbished houses for these families to stay.

The CCI Greenheart team helped with the refurbishing of one of these homes for a Greenheart Project. Construction on the home was almost complete, so the team assisted in cleaning so that walls could be painted, and new furniture could be brought in. With the hard work of NURDOR and the help of Serbian participants and CCI Greenheart, they hope to have the home open soon, so that up to six families can stay there this summer! The team had a great time working together for an amazing cause.