By Jun Li, Summer 2015 Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

I spent my free time traveling with my friends. Each trip was so different. I always love trying new things and meeting news friends. I enjoyed the spare time I had with my friends because it felt like the world became smaller when I was with them. I can go anywhere and find friends. It is so nice to know that I could go anywhere and be able to call or visit them.

I went to Washington D.C. with some new friends, and I watched my first live baseball game. I was so excited because I could feel everyone’s happiness around me. Even though I don’t know too much about the rules of baseball, my friends explained a lot to me, and I enjoyed it. Now I enjoy sports a lot more.

Sometimes you just need go to somewhere new, just like when I went to Philadelphia with my roommate. We visited the Liberty Bell. We had a great time there. We also went on free tours at Independence Hall. We were introduced to the history of the United States. This was the first time I felt this close to American history.

America is a young country, but Americans know how to protect their history. I think that’s something we need to learn in China.

We all know we should protect our history, and the historic spots, but there are still some people who try to break it or destroy it. If more people could understand and feel the history, there would be more completely preserved historic places.

As we traveled we were amazed by the fresh air, blue sky, green grass and clear water in United States. As I compared this experience with the pollution in China, I started to feel so sad. We used to have less pollution in China, but there is a lot right now. Europe and United States also suffered from pollution before, but now they seem to be improving.

Now more and more people are becoming focused on the environment. I do believe that China can overcome this problem of pollution one day in the future, and it won’t be long if we do our best to fix it! I believe if China can, then any other place can, too, and the world will become a better place!

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