By: Pamela Nikolaeva Uzunangelova, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel Participant

Hi!  I am a 19-year-old from Bulgaria and this is my first time in Washington, D.C. I immediately noticed that the United States is very different from Bulgaria. For example, people here are very sociable. They are all very friendly; even when I see strangers on the street they greet me, saying “good morning” or “hi, how are you”? I was very surprised because I will probably never see them again! So far, I feel very comfortable here.

One night, my friends and I visited Dave and Buster’s. This was my first time there because in Bulgaria this chain does not exist. It was an amazing place and I greatly enjoyed the new experience. I think this is the perfect place for sharing unforgettable and funny moments. The staff at Dave and Buster’s was very nice and made us feel welcome and happy. My favorite part was the photo booth! We shared so many laughs. We played many different games including balls, toy guns, and balloons. In addition, we played the game “Deal or No Deal” and even watched it on TV. In Bulgaria, we play the same game, but using real money! At the end of the night, I tried my first American burger. In Bulgaria, we have burgers, but only at McDonald’s. Unfortunately, I did not like it because it was too big and contained too much fried food. Better luck next time!

Overall, I had a great experience at Dave and Buster’s and hope to return soon with all my friends!

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