By: Yu Yang (Alina), Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Yu Yang (Alina) is a Work and Travel participant from China, working at Big Mountain Deli & Creperey in Lake Placid, NY. She enjoys her time working in the Adirondack Mountains.



How time flies! The three month work and travel program has ended, and I’m at home now. I miss everyone I met in Lake Placid and the great time I had in Washington D.C. with CCI Greenheart. Thank you to everyone for creating precious memories with me.

I enjoyed working, but I still liked my free time and journey in USA. Thanks to all the people in the local library and Church; my life became more abundant and meaningful.

During my days in Lake Placid, communication with local people, culture exchange, volunteering, and taking part in various activities made my free time meaningful. I learned how to make cookies from Judy. I went on a boat trip and enjoyed the scenery around Saranac Lake with people from Church. I improved my English from all the volunteer English lessons I had in the local library. I met more people from some of my volunteering activities. I felt a lot of kindness from all the people around me. What they did helped me to feel at home, and I was welcomed with open arms. Lake Placid, NY, is now my second home in my heart.



After finished work, I went on a 5-day travel excursion in the East with other 3 guys. We found each other through Internet. During the five days, I went to New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Corning Glass Center, Niagara Falls, and Boston. We took a bus every day to go to the next tourist attraction. It was a little boring, but my 3 friends made it much more fun. I was so lucky to meet them during the journey. What a beautiful trip.

It was a wonderful end of my summer in USA! Thanks to all the people who helped, encouraged, and supported me. I love all of you and it was an honor to meet you!