By: Alaine Hope, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Marketing and Outreach Intern

Do you love working with your J-1 visa participants and want to enhance your experience for the next year? Here are the top 3 recommendations CCI Greenheart has for a more successful season!

  • Communication— Host organizations and participants should keep regular contact with each other before their Summer Work Travel program begins. Use the CCI Online account to learn about participants’ flight information, program dates, and read a quick bio! Reach out to the participants right away through email, Skype, Whatsapp, or Facebook regarding any changes or questions. Avoid communication obstacles with an orientation that includes information on effective communication in the workplace, the expectations of the participants, and how to have an open and encouraging environment to help quieter participants.
  • Housing— Host organizations are not required to provide housing, but those that do or have strong leads find talent quicker. Assisting participants in finding suitable housing within a reasonable distance to their workplace will improve the experience of the participant, which directly benefits the host organization. Get started by using resources from the Chamber of Commerce and network with business colleagues to find leads.
  • Providing cultural events— Cultural events can be opportunities to strengthen morale. Many host organizations use their local Visitors Bureau to keep up to date on events happening in the area, and then share this information through their Facebook group. A real example of integrating participants comes from a pizza parlor supervisor. He personally bought ingredients for participants to cook a traditional meal and taught the employees about their culture after work. Another host organization supervisor gave his old personal gaming systems to participants living together in an apartment complex and the participants and other employees hold competitions.

Ready to enrich your workplace with international diversity? Let CCI Greenheart make it easier!