By: Heba Radwan Al Qtaifan, StationCom Programs Director

The visa interview is both exciting and nerve-wracking. To ensure our participant success, we have the following suggestions.

After signing the job contract and getting the DS-2019 forms ready, we invite the participants to another meeting for their pre-visa orientation.

The goal of this event is to prepare participants for their visa interview at the American embassy. The orientations also help the participants get to know each other! They will meet other participants who will be living in the same place and talk about housing, flights, and any other helpful tips.

During the orientation, we discuss:            

  1. Important documents participants should bring to the visa interview.
  2. Proper behavior during the interview, the best ways for participants to market themselves, and how to display proof that they will be returning home after the program ends.
  3. Questions that can help the participants during the interview.
  4. Visa application training sessions.
  5. Resources for participants regarding the Summer Work Travel program and their individual placements.
  6. The participant interview process and information about reporting their interviews in the CCI Online system.

After participants receive their visa, we make sure that the participants:

  1. Inform us about the visa result, and report this result to the CCI Online System.
  2. Contact the host organizations and tell them about the visa result.
  3. Research flights and compare rates.
  4. Report flight information to the CCI Online system.
  5. Contact host organizations and report their arrival information so the host organizations can start making arrangements for the participant.

We believe visa orientations are a VERY important step in the Summer Work Travel program process. They improve visa approval rates and make participants feel more confident and better prepared for their summer.

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