By: Abdulsamet Kilicarslan, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Abdulsamet Kilicarslan is a Work and Travel participant from Turkey, working at Funtown Splashtown USA in Old Orchard Beach, ME. In his second blog post, he shares how he enjoys his time working in an amusement park.

I was very excited on the first day of my job because it was my first job and I didn’t know anything about work life. I was wondering, “What I am going to do? Is it difficult to work? If something happens, what should I do?” Fortunately, my trainer was awesome and she tried to answer all of my questions even though some of them were easy or nonsensical. I was very lucky to meet this kind of trainer on my first day. I understand that every trainer is good, but on my first day, I needed someone who could make me feel relaxed and I found her!

A day in the work life starts with a van that picks us up for work. Afterwards, we wait in the queue in the recreation room to find out which ride we are going to be assigned. After checking and controlling rides, the day starts and people come to the park. Everyday our rides change, so we go to different rides. I enjoy working with people of different nationalities such as American, Colombian, Dominican, and Russian among others. We communicate with tons of people every day!

I didn’t expect it to be easy controlling rides, but working as a ride operator in an amusement park is really fun! You can have fun even when you are exhausted. I can see people when they are having fun, singing, or screaming. I really like people who came to the park as a group, especially the teenagers. They are always trying to communicate us by calling our names and asking a lot of questions. The worst thing is telling a small child that they cannot get on a ride. I feel bad but for their own security, we have to say no. Although it is exhausting, I really like working. I am so happy to have this kind of opportunity!