By: Bilian Zhang, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Bilian is a Work and Travel participant from China, who has spent her time working and volunteering in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.



Hi, I’m Bilian. I have enjoyed everything during my stay in Harrisburg this summer, especially the volunteer part. I love nature and I love plants, so I chose to do volunteer work at the Five Senses Garden. I spend most of my spare time volunteering in the garden, and I enjoy my time there.  My friends and I do the weeding, mulching, and planting in the garden. From our efforts, the garden has become more beautiful. 3

I’m so glad I meet Shirley and AL. They are kind and generous. Shirley is a 90- year- old lady. She started working in the garden in 1996. She designed the garden and has been making it beautiful and meaningful. AL is 72 years old. He often drives us home on Sunday when transportation is not convenient. Shirley and AL work in the garden almost every morning. They consider volunteerism as a part of their lives. They teach me a lot and are my role models. I feel happy working in the garden. I enjoy the trees, the flowers, the streams, and the breeze in the garden. I love the Five Senses Gardens.