By: Dan Hou, Summer 2013 Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

Dan Hou was one of four Greenheart Club members who received a $250 grant to complete a Greenheart project in her home country. Dan was eligible to receive the grant because he volunteered 20 hours for the Greenheart Club during her Summer Work Travel Program this past summer at a local garden. Dan’s grant application was selected because she wanted to make a difference in the environment in China. Below, Dan describes her Greenheart Club grant project.

Being volunteer at Five Senses Garden during the summer of 2013 provided me with so many precious memories. I experienced a different type of life while I was volunteering, and I learned how important volunteerism is in America. Lately, I’ve started talking to my supervisor who supported me a lot in school. As soon as I came back to China, we planted six trees on my school’s campus. A lot of students joined us, and I told them what volunteering was like in America. I encouraged all of them to do more volunteer work.

There is a Youth Volunteer Association in my department, and some students are members of the association. These students always go to less developed areas to teach students around the holiday season. I talked to my supervisor, and the supervisor of the Youth Volunteer Association, and they both thought that this gives these less fortunate students a really good chance to learn. Many students from my department are interested in this project. I am not sure if I will be able to help all of the students who need it, but I will try my best to help as many as I can!