By: Josh Trangle, Work and Travel Assistant

April marked significant holidays that promote a topic that is very near and dear to CCI Greenheart’s core mission: environmentalism. Arbor Day shares these common values of environmental awareness and protection.

CCI Greenheart participant

CCI Greenheart participant

Arbor Day, celebrated on the last Friday of April in the United States, is a day during which individuals are encouraged to care for and plant trees. The first occurrence of this holiday was in a small Spanish village called Villanueva de la Sierra in 1805. Today it is celebrated in more than 40 countries worldwide throughout the year. Trees have astonishing qualities that greatly benefit the environment and have a direct impact on creating a cleaner atmosphere in a myriad of ways.

In 2006, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) launched its Billion Tree Campaign in response to global warming and a wide array of sustainability challenges. China and India led the initiative with over 2 billion trees planted by each country since the project’s inception.

Israel, where tree-planting is an ancient Jewish tradition, is the only country in the world to enter the 21st century with a net gain in its number of trees. Among the nations that have massive thriving tree-planting industries are Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. As an international organization, CCI Greenheart prides itself on collaborating with individuals and organizations from around the world with like-minded interests.

Among Greenheart International’s many initiatives that promote environmentalism are Going Greenheart Tours, the Greenheart Transforms and the Greenheart Shop to name a few. The word ‘green’ in these titles is no coincidence, but rather speaks for itself. Among some of the most “green” of our initiatives is the Greenheart Club where participants (including Work and Travel students) volunteer within their American host community.

So did you celebrate Arbor Day? Did you use your “green” thumb to plant trees? Share with us!