By: Yu Yang (Alina), Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Yu Yang (American name, Alina) is a Work and Travel participant from China, working at Big Mountain Deli & Creperey in Lake Placid, NY. In her first blog post, she shares how she enjoys her time working in the Adirondack Mountains.

I am a 20-year-old girl from China, participating in CCI Greenheart’s Work and Travel program. I have lived in Lake Placid, NY for almost 3 months. It is an amazing place with awesome scenery and friendly and warm-hearted people. My workplace is Big Mountain Deli & Creperey located at 2475 Main Street, Lake Placid, NY. I enjoy working here because it is a good workplace and my colleagues and employers are so kind. They encourage me and cheer me up even though I make mistakes.

I think my workplace is amazing! We sell 46 different types of delicious sandwiches, more than 20 kinds of crepes, 4 different smoothies which are very popular and 8 kinds of tasty salads. There are also various beverages and drinks.

My schedule changes every week and I do different tasks according to the schedule. It’s really interesting to learn new things! I am assigned making sandwiches or crepes. Sometimes I do the preparation work like slicing the meat, making sweet or savory batter for crepes, and washing dishes.

At the beginning, it was a challenge for me to remember so many different ingredients including the meats, cheeses, sauces, dressings, vegetables and other things. But making sandwiches, crepes, smoothies, and salads is fun! Doing the dishes for a long time is tiring, but my friends and I will take turns doing the dishes. What powerful teamwork!

We need to clean and change all of the containers every day to keep the ingredients fresh after we close. We use plastic wrap to keep the ingredients in the refrigerator fresh.Before we leave, everyone does “spring cleaning” which includes wiping the tables, cleaning the floor, and refilling anything that is running out.

I think I’m a lucky girl to get the chance to work here. I enjoy working with my colleagues. The local people are as beautiful as the scenery!

Watch Alina’s video below as she describes her work experience in more detail!