By: Ally Brandfass, Greenheart Marketing and Outreach Intern

No Books? No Problem! All you need is a phone to improve your English! Here are 4 ways you can use your phone to become a more confident English speaker:


There are TONS of applications you can use to learn English. Using apps is a great way to take your learning past the classroom! My favorite is Duolingo. You can practice on your own time and gain confidence in your reading, grammar, and vocabulary skills.


If you are like me, you listen to music every day. Use your music library to pick up on American culture and slang!


Podcasts are audio shows that you can listen to and download.  You can find podcasts about anything in the English language, from pop culture to sports and travel! Podcasts are great for adding new words to your vocabulary. Some of my favorites are: Up First, This American Life, and The Tim Ferriss Show.

Movies and TV shows 

Watching Netflix can actually help you learn English! Keeping up with current movies and TV shows can help you get familiar with the everyday lives and lingo of Americans. Challenge yourself to look up words and phrases you don’t understand!

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