By Joseph Burns, Work and Travel Employer Services Manager

Last Month, CCI Greenheart traveled to Moldova to interview university students for the upcoming Summer 2015 Work and Travel season. In addition to the recruitment event, local staff, international guests, and Work & Travel participants volunteered at the National Library of Moldova in Chisinau.

Volunteers donated their time to assist with cataloging and sorting books. The majority of the books categorized were educational publications, available to students majoring in International Relations, World History, and International economics. Moldova is known as a multi-lingual country where many of its citizens speak English, Italian, and French, among other languages. University students today have taken an increased interest in international affairs and opportunities allowing them to gain more international experience. As a result, many of the books came in multiple languages, providing our guests with an inside view on Moldovan culture and the aspirations of the country’s future leaders.

The event was an all-encompassing cultural experience. Not only were our volunteers proud of the work they achieved in one afternoon, they were grateful for the opportunity to meet new people and learn about more about the country hosting them.