By: Irina Capaldi, Work and Travel Employer Relations Manager

CCI Greenheart’s Going Greenheart Tour brought the team to Fairfax, VA on Monday, August 4th for the 2014 Lifeguard Olympics.  Arriving at 4:30 AM, CCI Greenheart and J-1 employer Premier Aquatics, coordinated a competitive sporting event and food drive combined for participants. This event was attended by over 274 individuals from over 15 different nations involving Premier staff, overseas partners, Department of State and local community including members of the Fairfax Volunteer Fire Department.

The morning was filled with activities showcasing Premier’s lifeguards as they demonstrated their life saving skills and true athleticism. It truly felt like a smaller scaled version of the Olympic Games, but in this case teams were integrated and individuals from all countries were cheering each other on to the finish line. At the end of the event the crowd gathered and celebrated the efforts of the participants who competed in this program and most importantly, the ability to give back to a community by donating over 883 lbs. of food to the Capital Area Food Bank. What a wonderful opportunity to highlight the many benefits of multiculturalism associated with the J-1 Work and Travel program.

J Day is the one day during the year when all J-1 visa holders, including Summer Work Travel participants, come together in their communities and share cultural diversity and American customs.  All J Day events include games, food, a volunteer project and lots of fun.  Participant have an opportunity to EAT. PLAY. GIVE.  The first annual J Day was hosted by Alliance members CCI Greenheart, CENET, and Spirit Cultural Exchange, all designated sponsors for the SWT program.


JDay Winners