By Abdulsamet Kilicarslan, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Abdulsamet Kilicarslan is a Work and Travel participant from Turkey, who worked at Funtown Splashtown USA in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. In this blog post, he shares some of his experiences traveling the United States.

The time to leave was impending. I spent my whole summer in the USA. I made awesome memories and perfect friendships. It was getting harder to leave my host community and my friends. We were like a family. Otherwise, the travel part was going to start. I was so excited for that because I was travelling to amazing places; it was a dream, and for those days, it was completely unreal! Firstly, I flew Miami, I stayed there ten days. It was like a vacation for me because most of time I sunbathed and swam in the warm ocean. Also, yes, I visited around the city.

Next, I flew to Washington. I stayed there for three days. Everyone was saying it is just the capital; there are not many places to visit. However, I discovered a lot of places; I especially loved the museums. I really enjoyed those three days.

After Washington, I traveled to Philadelphia by bus. I didn’t have long time to stay there, but I found the opportunity to stay just one night. One night was enough to see that Philly is a nice city.

After that, I traveled to New York City, which is my dream city. Each street of this AMAZING city impressed me. It is really huge and crowded. I just enjoyed being on my own in New York City. Visiting the landmarks was really like a dream. Every single minute I was telling myself to “keep calm, this is real, just enjoy your time!”

It was time to go to Boston. Boston is also really nice and pretty city. In this city, I visited a lot of colleges and universities. It was like an educational paradise. I stayed in Boston for two days, and following night I flew to my country. When I was travelling, I met a lot of people who tried to help me go somewhere or stay some place. I was so lucky for that, because I really met nice and kind people. I found the opportunity to travel to beautiful and charming cities. At the end of this journey, I say, “Wait for me USA; I am going to come back. It was just a beginning!”