By: Joe Burns, Work and Travel Employer Services Manager

The Summer 2013 Work Travel season may be have ended, but CCI Greenheart is already moving full force into Winter, Spring, and even Summer 2014! Here is a quick recap of our 2014 hiring events so far.

CCI Greenheart Winter 2014 Job Fairs

JOE IMAGEOur first stop was in Lima, Peru, where we were fortunate to speak with some of the best candidates we’ve seen out of this country. For those who have yet to travel to Peru, it is worth noting that Lima is one of the culinary capitals of the world. In particular, the city is well known throughout the Americas for its outstanding ceviche (or “cebiche”, as it’s commonly spelled in Latin America), endless variety of potato dishes, and even sushi!

Following Lima, CCI Greenheart travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio will be the home of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Soccer (or futbol) is by far the most important competitive sport in Brazil and the spirit is especially alive in Rio! What’s more, Rio will also be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. There is still a lot of work to be done in Rio to prepare for the upcoming sporting events, but it’s not a bad gig, eh? CCI Greenheart staff and employers had an amazing time in Rio. The participants were great, the food was great, the weather was AMAZING – what else could you really ask for?

CCI Greenheart World’s Fair

CCI Greenheart employers in Chicago!

CCI Greenheart employers in Chicago!

Throughout the month of September, CCI Greenheart hosted two successful hiring events for the upcoming Winter 2014 season in our great city of Chicago. Employers traveled from all over the country to conduct virtual interviews from our offices located in the River North district, just minutes walking distance from the famous Magnificent Mile in the heart of downtown Chicago. Attending employers not only had the opportunity to knock out their seasonal hiring in a single afternoon, but also got to see some of the wonderful attractions our city has to offer, notably those highlighted on the Architectural Boat Cruise on the Chicago River. The Greenheart World’s Fair events were such a huge success, that we plan to continue hosting them through the upcoming Spring and Summer 2014 recruitment seasons. If you are interested in joining us in Chicago to complete your hiring, please contact your CCI Greenheart representative today!

Coming soon – Spring Job Fairs in Southeast Asia!

Participants in the Philippines waiting to be interviewed.

Participants in the Philippines waiting to be interviewed.

CCI Greenheart is about to embark on a splendid journey to Southeast Asia for our Spring 2014 Job Fairs in Thailand and Philippines. Our ship sails next week and time to sign up is limited. Contact us today if you’d like to come aboard and hire on one of our job fairs!

Cheers to successful 2014 seasons!