By: Tomasz Paciorkowski, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Tomasz Paciorkowski is a Work and Travel participant from Poland, working in Beaver Creek, Colorado. In his first blog post, he starts to talk about his work life, but gets sidetracked…

Today’s post is supposed to be dedicated to my work life in the United States; however, I feel that every story needs an introduction.

It’s been over a month since I arrived in the United States and I will be completely honest with you here: I was off to quite a rough start.

You may be wondering why and I sure have answers for you. My trip began in Warsaw from where I flew to Denver through Paris and Minneapolis. The flight from Warsaw to Paris was pleasant, no complaints about it. I even got to see the Eiffel Tower as we were about to touch down. Maybe the breakfast they offered could have been more opulent. It was disappointingly French: a croissant. A small one if I may add. I am definitely not French. I need my breakfast and, despite my rather light-weight built, I need it quite big.

After getting to Minneapolis I learned that my baggage had been lost. Yes. All I had left could fit into a small backpack I decided to take with me. Not too smart a decision on my part, I guess. I completely didn’t expect it to happen though. I was told that I should get to Denver and there they would give me all the information I require. I obeyed. Frankly, I didn’t have much choice. I could stay in Minneapolis and probably starve to death wandering about the airport, or, as I was advised, fly to Denver.

The flight to the capitol city of the state of Colorado was surprisingly shaky. Let’s be honest though: if you have ever flown on Ryanair planes, you fear nothing up there. You’ve just seen it all. You’ve probably even got the t-shirt which says I’ve seen it all.

They don’t give out free t-shirts you say? They don’t even give you enough leg room? This may be quite right, sorry, I stand corrected. Thanks.

Pardon the detour. So, going back to my gripping story – I ended up in Denver with no pants, towels, socks, nothing.

…and by pants, I mean pants. Underwear. Wake up! I’d some trousers though. At least I wouldn’t walk about the city completely naked, I thought. Oh yes, that’s me: the glass-half-full kind of man. Oh, well.

The lady at the information was very nice. She even gave me like a little bag with some stuff in needed: toothpaste, toothbrush, even a t-shirt. See? They give out free t-shirts.

It was a transparent one though.

What do you mean, you may ask.

I mean that it was completely see-through. Why would they even produce t-shirts like that? I’ve no idea. You should’ve seen me flex in it though. Hot… Not.

And that’s the way I spent my first day in America. With no pants in my backpack. With the transparent t-shirt that I’ll never wear though. Ever. It’s a weird kind of feeling. Trust me on this one.

Fortunately, my bag was found the next day and it was delivered to my hostel free of charge. My heart was filled with joy the moment I saw my luggage. The land of opportunities opened in front of my eyes. Fresh underwear, t-shirts, and other goodies that nobody appreciates until they’re gone. There’s a life lesson for you in this story, take it.

You’re welcome.

In my next blog post, I’ll tell you more about my work life. Stay tuned – I know you will…