By: Ally Brandfass, Greenheart Marketing and Outreach Intern

The English language can be tricky. Sometimes phrases mean something completely different than the literal translation of each word! These are called idioms.

Check out eight of the most-used food idioms!  Spoiler: None of these are actually talking about food!

  • Couch potato: Someone who is lazy and watches a lot of TV
    • My brother is a couch potato. He has been watching TV all day!
  • Bring home the bacon: To make money
    • I have to go to work today so I can bring home the bacon.
  • Cool as a cucumber: Someone who is calm and relaxed
    • Carl didn’t get nervous for the race. He was cool as a cucumber.
  • Piece of cake: Something is easy
    • The English test was a piece of cake. I know I got a 100%.
  • Two peas in a pod: Very similar or close
    • Those little girls are two peas in a pod! They were made for each other.
  • Walk on eggshells: Being very cautious
    • I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around my boss.
  • Hard nut to crack: A hard problem to solve; a person who is hard to get to know or understand
    • I couldn’t tell what my co-worker was thinking. She is a hard nut to crack.
  • Apple of my eye: Something or someone you cherish above all else
    • I love my son. He is the apple of my eye.

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