By Jieru Yang, 2013 Summer Work Travel Participant and Greenheart Club member

Jieru is one of four Greenheart Club members who received a $500 grant to complete a Greenheart project in her home country of China. Jieru was eligible to receive the grant because she volunteered over 40 hours for the Greenheart Club during her Summer Work Travel Program this past summer at a local library and church. Jieru’s grant application was selected, because she chose to help a friend in need get through school, and held a fundraising drive for those in need. Below Jieru describes her Greenheart grant project.

Helping someone who needs help can warm your hearts. It’s the best way to convey positive energy. It can let people believe that real love exist in the world and even within us. I want to let people know that “No problem is too much.” Every question can be solved by a lot of ways. So if when you are in trouble, don’t be sad, everything will be OK!

So to do this, I used a grant to help a schoolmate. Last year, her mother underwent cerebral infarction and was sent to the hospital. The doctor in charge of the case told her family that her mother could be paralyzed on one side of her body, permanently. So my friend asked for school leave and went back home to nurse and stay on her mother’s side for a month. Now her mother has is a bit better. But all these hospital expenses have cleared her family out, so she wants to quit school. So I have decided to help her. Although $500 is not big deal money, I think it can help her finish this year in college. She will be able to graduate. I told her that all of us would help her.

Last month, I invited all of the members in the Young Volunteers Association to help me fundraise supplies for charity in the school. Just by chance, the group wanted to organize contributions to help those college students who are less fortunate, like my friend! So we made several posters to publicize this event.We wanted more people to know this story about our schoolmate and her mother.

So on the fundraiser day, more than ten volunteers joined us. We borrowed a loudspeaker to arouse students’ attention during the lunchtime in front of the cafeteria. More people learned my friend’s story and wanted to help her and others. Then we all recruited more students to join our volunteer group.

A few days later, we have received a great number of contributions. The students from College of Information Engineering volunteered to check and record the goods and materials. Then we have sent a part of those to the girl and others in need.

After that, I gave the rest of the grant to my friend and told her to be confident in her college studies; and that she did not need to worry about her mother disease any longer. She has us. The money could be used for tuition fee in her final year. She also can use it to buy whatever she needs in her daily life. She was particularly grateful to us for our help. I believe she will use this money to better herself.

After I finished this donation project, the rest of the items were taken care of by the Voluntary Association in our school. These donations will be sent to give more people who are in trouble and need help.

I want to thank the Greenheart Club! The $500 grant has given me a chance to create an amazing project. I have learned that helping people makes everyone happy, which, in turn, will spread positive energy all over the world.

Believe love, it warms our hearts.