Take this tip from nature: The woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except those who sang best. – Bernard Meltzer

By Kateryna Krysiuk, Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

Forests, valleys, deep streams, and rivers – these are difficult to imagine without birds singing. According to research in the Carpathian Mountains, there are about 180 species of birds in the area. Some birds live here, while others are considered migratory. Interestingly, different species live in the mountains depending on the season. It’s happened that some birds disappear for a few years, or even decades, and then reappear. This is caused by both climate change and an anthropogenic factor.

I decided to spend my winter vacation with my family at a wonderful place – the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. Walking in the woods and admiring the winter scenery, I noticed how hard it is for the birds to survive, so I decided to do a project that will help a little to improve their lives. I chose “Avangard,” a sports complex for children and adults, to be the site for my project. A few interested people and I decided to make birdhouses for the birds, where they would be able to live and eat. It was very nice to do my project with so many volunteers, not just adults, but also children. I hope we improved the lives of the birds.

It would be nice if each of us made one birdhouse that would save more than one bird’s life. I believe that each of us can help the birds and make our planet a better place.

Benefits of my project:

  • Enjoy the outdoors.
  • Meet other volunteers and share interests.
  • Gain knowledge of local bird species and observe their breeding behaviors first hand.
  • Learn about and share your knowledge and experiences with others.
  • Develop a greater understanding of birds and wildlife that are specific to the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.

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