By:  Maria Arias Hernandez, Summer Work Travel Participant Greenheart Club Member

Earlier this month, Maria shared her volunteer experience with us at a family camp through an organization called YES:  Youth Enrichment Strategies. Since then, Maria has continued volunteering with the organization while on her Work & Travel Program. Below Maria shares some photos of her latest volunteer activities. Maria is currently a leading volunteer for the Work & Travel Club with over 30 volunteer hours!

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This is my second time as a volunteer, I collaborated in the same organization as the first time ‘YES Youth Enrichment Strategies’. On this occasion, I helped in different activities. The first one, I had to wash all sleeping bags that we used in the last camp, held at the Lake Del Valle. Also organize first aid medications. The second one, I had to help to organize a fundraiser party, also I had to wash glasses and help on everything you could.