By: Haldis Toppen, Cultural Outreach Assistant, Work and Travel

Oklahoma’s state slogan is “Native America.” Historically, this applies to the association Oklahoma has to the Native Americans. However, this slogan pertained to something different when CCI’s Work and Travel department visited Oklahoma City – the zoo! Native creatures from around the world can be found at the Oklahoma City Zoo. From Aardvarks to Zebras, participants have the exotic opportunity of living in the United States while experiencing animals of the world.

Not to be outdone by the wildlife of the zoo, during our Greenheart Tour stop in OKC, we participated in a Going Greenheart tour activity at the Urban Harvest Food Bank. The Urban Harvest Food Bank’s mission is to help eliminate the barrier of hunger in the lives of Oklahomans.  Regional Food Bank is able to provide hope to thousands of hungry people each week. CCI and participants packed boxes and tended to the garden.

This has been an eventful and wonderful season with the Oklahoma City Zoo. Here is to many more!