By: Mohamed Alsadi, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Participant

Mohamed is a Work and Travel participant from Jordan, working at Three Bears Lodge in Warrens, Wisconsin. In this blog post, Mohamed talks about his life and adventures in the United States.

Hello everyone. My name is Mohamed Alsadi.  I am from Amman, Jordan. I came to the U.S. for the Work and Travel program. Visiting the U.S. was always been a dream of mine. However, I made the choice to come to the U.S. at the age of 21. I have been here for six weeks. At first, I thought it would be really hard to live here because everything is so different from my home country. I would like to thank CCI Greenheart for helping my friends and me accomplish our dreams.

This is the first day I was in the U.S.


It was a perfect day when I arrived in Chicago on 10th of June.

My job 

My job

I work as a lifeguard at Three Bears Lodge Waterpark.  Working as a lifeguard is really fun and different.

When we went to get our Social Security Number, we also went to Gard and Bluff. This trip was very exciting.

We went to watch a game in Lacrosse, WI. It was the first time we watched people play baseball.

We went to Castle Rock Lake and we rented a boat for 2 hours. The boat was big. I enjoyed the lake’s fresh air.

Our friend’s birthday

Our friend’s birthday

We celebrated our friend’s birthday here in the U.S. We had a party for him. He is from Jordan. It was a great night. We ate and laughed together.

The Mall of America is the second biggest mall in the world—we didn’t have enough time because it was really big.