By Jian Kuang, Work and Travel participant in Glendive, Montana

Hello everyone! My name is Jian Kuang and my English name is Gavin. This is the fourth week since I arrived to the United States on the Work & Travel program. At first, it was hard to get use to living in America, because almost everything is different here than in China (where I am from). However, after I got use to being here, I found everything curious! Thanks to the great help from CCI Greenheart, I adapted to almost everything really quick. Now, I’d like to show you some of the amazing activities I have came across in Glendive, MT.

Fourth of July cultural shock!

I am so lucky to be in the United States during the national holiday – Fourth of July! Look what happened in Glendive for the July 4th parade! Almost all the people mobilized to take part in the parade.

Fourth of July also happens to be my my best friend’s birthday, we were invited to her home to celebrate together.We organized a lot of games during the party, and arm-wrestling was one of them.

Experiencing the biggest hail and tornado storm in history!

I don’t know if in America it is considered lucky or not, but in Glendive, I came across the biggest storm ever in the history of Glendive. It was interesting for sure, but I got to see a beautiful rainbow at least.

Trekking through the local Dinosaur Museum

Although, in our country we do have some dinosaur museums, they are not as cute as the one in Glendive! This museum had so much love in the room.

A day to Mokoshika State Park

These pictures show the first time that I went to Mokoshika State park in Montana. This park holds part of the Badlands and has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes I have very seen. Dinosaurs also once roamed this area!