By: Konrad Raksa, Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

A returnee on the Work and Travel program, Konrad traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania from Poland to work for a local employer. Read about his American adventures through the West Coast!

I have finished my Summer Work Travel program, but I was able to have the sweetest part of my adventure recently – the best vacation ever!

During my time in the United States this past summer, I planned a trip to the West Coast. First thing I did is save some money to rent a car and then I was able to start booking hotels and flights. I was so excited that I already had my trip planned in late August – a month before I left for the West Coast.

I got a flight from New York City to Las Vegas. I was excited to go there, because as they say: “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” Of course I didn’t want to waste my all my time in Vegas, but it was cool to see all the parties and incredible sites.

From Las Vegas I drove for a day to Grand Canyon, and I have to say that it was the prettiest place I have even seen. Beautiful views; high cliffs; and the heat! I now have a lot of memories from Arizona.

Grand Canyon - the prettiest place I have even seen!

Grand Canyon – the prettiest place I have even seen!

The next point on my map was Los Angeles. My friends and I decided to stay at a hotel in Beverly Hills. This part of city as well as Hollywood are very fashionable areas, so I tried to find some celebrities, but had no luck. Maybe next time! I also visited the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica. The view was like from the movies:  Palms trees, long beaches, lifeguards, and surfers.

From Los Angeles, we travelled on to San Diego. The city is very close to Mexico. I was surprised, because in San Diego there are a a lot of Mexican people. I realized that I had something in common with them – we weren’t native English speakers! However, the city was beautiful and its citizens are very kind. The weather there was like from my dreams. It was about 80F with no wind or rain. I was there for about four days, and it was the best place to relax. I strongly believe that one day I will come back there, because I felt that it was my place in the world.

Now that I am back in Poland I miss the WEST COAST!!