By: Yu Yang (Alina), Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Yu Yang (American name, Alina) is a Work and Travel participant from China, working at Big Mountain Deli & Creperey in Lake Placid, NY. In a special blog post, Alina explains how her adventures in Washington D.C. during the Greenheart Global Leaders Conference.

This is the picture when we finished the baseball game. Washington Nationals VS New York Mets.

I arrived back Lake Placid on Friday, August 8. The first thing I want to say is that it’s so nice to be back. Washington D.C is a beautiful city, but I prefer the small town. I can sense the huge differences between Lake Placid and Washington D.C. In big cities, it’s not easy.

1I went to Washington D.C to attend the Greenheart Global Leader Conference from August 4-7, which was organized by my sponsor – CCI Greenheart. I had a lot of fun and met many new friends from 9 countries. It’s really interesting for me to know the culture, which differs from my home country – China.


2This is a building which is located in Albany, around the bus terminal. I walked around when I waited the bus. At first, I thought it was a church, but later, I found out that it’s an art gallery or museum or something like that. I had no access to get in there because it’s closed on Sundays.

I hate to say, but I had a bad beginning of the trip. There was no seat for me from Albany to New York City. I should have taken the bus at 11pm on August 3rd, but I had to wait until 5am on the next day to get another bus to New York City. I had never been in this kind of situation before it. It was really hard to believe that I could have a ticket but have no seat! This would never happen in China, because the seat number is printed on the ticket. But whatever, I arrived in Washington D.C eventually at 2pm on 4th. And the fun part starts!

We had a work shop about who global leaders are. Then we had a fancy dinner at Bertucci’s, which is a nice restaurant. We stayed at Hostelling International and I shared one room with 5 girls.

The second day we went to volunteer with Capital Area Food Bank.

I was astonished by the greatness of the people who concern themselves with the needs of others, which they don’t need to worry about. We sorted through all kinds of meat that were donated. And I met many other volunteers there who impressed me.

That afternoon, we had a workshop about creating our own Greenheart Service Projects. We had several workshops about Global Leaders in 4 days. We met some government officials during the meeting. This was the highlight in the activity with the Department of State.

When we were done, we traveled around Washington D.C.!

I met a lot of friends from all over the world. Here is a collage of them:

It was a hard trip on the way, but I had many wonderful and unforgettable moments in Washington D.C.