By: Jian Kuang, Work and Travel participant from China in Glendive, Montana

Jian (known by his English name, Gavin) worked for a Summer Work Travel employer in Glendive, Montana. Gavin had a great time in Glendive. Read his volunteer adventures below and check out some more of his fun in his previous blog post

Blog Post 2 -2

Initially, it was really difficult to find a spot that my friend and I could do our voluntary service in our town. Glendive is a small community, so there are limited options. Fortunately, through my dear employer, I found a place, at last. It has a beautiful name – Frontier Gateway Museum. At first, I was unsure what to do. I have never had a volunteer experience in the United States before.  The nice curator, Mrs. Fayette Miller, tried her best to offer some options for us.

At last, my friend and I got a volunteer position helping people replace canvas on a sheep wagon, and then we scraped paint off a school house. These items were damaged in a hail storm. What’s more, we also made our best effort to redo the paint on the cabin cover. Mrs. Miller said she needed a lot of help and strength to get rid of the damaged parts. We also had the chance to meet another volunteer named Mike. He is a local American. I was so happy to work with him.

Finally we all made it! We are so pleased to provide assistance to rebuild the needed items for the museum, which were heavily damaged from the hail. Thank you to the curator, Mrs. Miller, for the opportunity to help in the Glendive community!