By: Lulu Kong, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Lulu is a Work and Travel participant from China. She volunteered through the Greenheart Club during her program last year, which allowed her to start her own project “Share Rose, Get Fun.” This project sent homemade scarves and hats to a disadvantaged community in China. 

For me, Five Senses Garden is a special place because I started my first time doing volunteer work here last year. This is where I got the real meaning of volunteerism. It is a really beautiful garden and we had lots of fun for working here.


Shirley (the volunteer coordinator) used to tell us that it’s not her garden, that it belongs to those who come to do volunteer work. She told us that every corner of this garden is made by volunteers, and we were so proud to hear that. I did have a lot of fun here last year, but I never knew that I would come back one day to volunteer here after I had been back to China. I think I am so lucky that I could come back this year to do volunteer work and see Shirley again.


Though only thing that I can help with is weeding, I am still very happy to do that. The green plants and fresh air make me feel relaxed and comfortable. When I see the many visitors come to enjoy the garden, I feel very proud of what I have done for the garden. I know many American households own their small gardens. I also want my future house to have a beautiful garden.


This time we got more friends come to volunteer here, and all of us enjoyed it a lot.

Alan is also a volunteer working for the Five Senses Garden. He is a very nice person who even invited us to visit his house. Both he and Shirley are look so young and healthy. I think volunteer work makes peoples’ lives happy and easy. I would like to do volunteer work all the time as it makes my life meaningful.